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New Home financing; Finding Land and Their Order of Importance

Get Pre-Approved! Getting pre-approved is one of the most important components of building your home because it's the starting point. I've spoken to so many people who have the greatest of ideas and the biggest of dreams, but without knowing how much you can spend... well, you know where I'm going with that. It's very easy to spend loads of money buying plans, looking for lots and even buying or putting money down on lots only to find out that your approval amount is low or maybe worse. So number one: Get pre-approved so you know what you can spend, then you can decide what you want to spend. When getting that pre-approval, some financial institutions will need a loan dollar amount to start

Tips for Customizing Your New Home Plans

Tips for Customizing Your House Plan We all want to go online and look at hundreds of plans to find the one we like the most and customize it. Unfortunately, this doesn't work most of the time. If you've done step two first, then you're on the right track. The lot will give you the dimensions you have to work with so all you'll need to do is understand the relationship between design and cost! Your builder and/or architect can help you greatly with this but we'll discuss the following tips to get you started. Outside walls, roof pitch and colors. Outside Walls The outside walls are important for several reasons. First, there is the layout of the house. The cheapest design is four straight wa

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